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Appliances Need To Be Handled With Care!

New beginnings should certainly be celebrated with new things, but you don’t have to purchase new appliances every time! Jacob’s Express has an incredible team of heavy appliance movers who handle all your appliances with great care.

You can begin using your washing machines or refrigerators as we unload and install them back for you. Each of our home appliances movers is given professional training and equipped with the right tools and skills to move refrigerators, drying machines, dishwashers, etc.

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Why You Need Professional Appliance Movers

Even if you are a big DIY enthusiast, attempting to move heavy or delicate appliances can cause severe injury or damage to the appliance. The small, mechanized parts within the appliances are easily damaged if not handled with care. You need trained commercial appliance movers to move the appliances no matter how small, or big the distance is since an inexperienced company can pose a risk to your costly machinery and appliances.

Best Appliance Moving Service in New York

With the ease that appliances have brought into our lives, it is hard to work in the kitchen without them.These appliances, as efficient as they are, are costly. We have trained kitchen appliance movers who handle your appliances responsibly.

Our movers will show up at your doorstep at the appointed times with sliders, furniture straps, and dollies. When moving kitchen appliances, they need to be wrapped in padded blankets to make sure they are no scratches or damage to the surface. Your appliances will then be safely loaded an transported to your new home or office. When hauling your appliances, you need a licensed appliance moving company for safe transit. 

Affordable And Reliable Appliances Moving Services In New York

Refrigerator Movers:

Your refrigerator needs to be unplugged 24 hours in advance to defrost it so that the interior gets enough time to dry. You can remove any removable drawers or shelves. Our appliance movers securely wrap the doors and electrical cords. We have trained heavy appliance movers who make sure that the compressor oil does not leak and cause damage to the refrigerator

Washer and Dryer Movers:

Washing machines and dryers have delicate surfaces that need to be padded. We have specialized movers who haul and install appliances in the new spaces so that they work correctly without any delay

Dishwasher Movers:

As responsible local appliance movers, our professionals disconnect appliances from the water supply and dries the hose. Each of the small parts is then wrapped and labelled for easy installation once they arrive at your new home

If you are looking for appliance moving services in New York, Jacob’s Express offers you affordable, efficient, and fast appliance moving services. We take care of your appliances as our very own!

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