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Get A Truck Load Of Ease!

Moving itself is a tiring and hectic thing. There are uncountable things doing rounds in your mind. To turn this stressful time into an exciting, comfortable, and pleasing experience, Jacob Express is offering cargo truck rental in NYC to assist you in one of the biggest changes in your life!

Whether you are moving to a manor or a small apartment, our cargo truck rental service is designed to help you move ahead in life with ease and comfort. We offer advanced equipment, secure moving, and moving help to make your commercial or residential move safe, quick, and efficient.

We Are a Reliable Cargo Truck Rental Company

Whether it is your first ever moving experience or tenth, Jacob Express has the right equipment that comes at an affordable price to meet all your moving needs. We have the largest selection of new trucks that are designed for your enterprise commercial truck rentals.

You get access to long term truck rental without having to deal with the costs and responsibilities of owning one. Irrespective of the size of your move, we have a fleet of trucks and vans ready to serve you. You get to benefit from the flexibility and convenience of being able to get affordable truck rental service whenever you want and how you want.

We Make Moving Easier

With the convenience that our cargo truck rental offers, you will look forward to the day of the move instead of stalling it. You can even ask for help so that you don’t have to lift a thing. From the truckload of ease to the truckload of savings, with us, you get to enjoy it all!

We offer moving trucks and accessories so that all your belongings are safely packed and placed in the truck with no threat of scratches or breakage. You get hand trucks and furniture pads that secure your furniture and help you with loading and unloading.

Our professional cargo truck rental company offers:


From moving to storage, we facilitate you during each step of your move. Our moving help further unburdens you so that you can enjoy your move to a new location while we handle all the stressful chores!


You get a cargo truck rental of your choice with the liberty to choose your security plan. We offer both vans and trucks that you can choose from according to your requirements. You get flexible plans, low-cost, and a completely secure space


All our trucks are safe and clean with gentle ride suspension to keep the items inside safe

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